Obtain additional liquidity for your company by implementing different financing modalities for your suppliers, while the payment process become digital and simple.

Suplos | Sistema en la nube integrado end to end

Transform payable accounts into assets

  • Obtain financial yields/rebates or additional days of payment with your providers through Confirming operations.
  • Discounting invoices has never been so easy: efficiently manage your cash surpluses with just a few clicks, through our transactional Portal you can request and approve discounts.
  • Make your suppliers loyal and achieve constant improvement of indicators, such as Net Working Capital and longer terms for your Accounts Payable.
  • Offer your suppliers a multi-factor/multi-bank system.
  • ERP Integrated solution that eliminates redundancies in the process

Optimize your company's Treasury operations

  • Obtain traceability, automation and real-time control of your invoices, achieving an adequate payment management to third parties with dynamic dashboards.
  • Digitalize invoice capturing. Simple filing and tracking processes for invoices through our platform that achieves a quick reconciliation of accounts payable.
  • Reduce operational load through our virtual invoice dashboard
  • Provide visibility to your suppliers. Digital tools to self-manage supplier´s Tax Certificates and other relevant documents.
  • Customized Approval workflows

Suplos | Sistema en la nube integrado end to end

Digitally transform your company’s financial operations