Supplier management andprequalification

Supplier management and prequalification

Our platform allows you to find, manage and prequalify suppliers of goods and services adapted to your specific needs.

Suplos | Sistema en la nube integrado end to end

Find more and better suppliers for your company

  • Expand your vendor database.
  • Optimize purchasing and contracting operations by discovering a network of qualified and verified suppliers from all economic sectors.
  • Find suppliers with basic information: contacts, headquarters, bank certifications, commercial certifications.
  • Manage and find suppliers with detailed information on our platform: contacts, headquarters, commercial information, certified experience, certificate of incorporation, Tax Number ID, shareholders composition, ISO certifications, OHSAS, Financial Statements, Financial Indicators and HSE.

Ensure your suppliers competence

  • Validation in national and international restrictive lists.
  • Standard financial validation that increases insights about the probability that a supplier has the capabilities to perform a contract.
  • Technical validation of experiences in number and in value.
  • HSE Validation.
Suplos | Sistema en la nube integrado end to end
Suplos | Sistema en la nube integrado end to end

Ease operational load from your Procurement team

  • Tailor-made services: We manage the financial validation for your company’s sourcing processes.
  • Evaluation of indicators such as indebtedness, working capital and solvency coefficients.
  • Manage and update key information from your company’s suppliers.
  • We make recommendations on each provider participating in the sourcing process.

Digitally transform your sourcing operations

Digitally transform your sourcing operations